CPH World Media s.a.r.l. believes in maintaining a family environment, nurturing an environment of openness and fair dealing, while safeguarding professional practices and standards at the same time. Team members are treated like family members thus promoting a sense of transparency and openness among all, while adhering to professional codes of conduct and high business standards. Performance Appraisals are done on a periodical basis to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses and to develop ways to better improve our team. Management also believes that the best means for continuous improvement is continuous training and education of our team to be able to provide our clients and customers with the best possible service to meet their needs and requests.

Our Departments:


  • Mr. Fathi Chatila (1936-2017)
  • Mrs. Mona Chatila (1944-2006)


Content & Research

Marketing & Sales

Accounting & Finance

Circulation & Mail