Fact Sheets

Through specialized and quality media focused on the Middle East & North African (MENA) region while at the same time aspiring to provide media serving the regions beyond, CPH strives to provide its clients with the right business tools to make better decisions in their various endeavors which range from minor projects to high-standard ones. CPH’s media cover many industries and are broad enough to address every company’s needs.

Our experience of over more than three decades in publishing quality media as well as our history of helping thousands of international and leading companies grow and develop their business in the region, place CPH in a unique and unrivaled position to deliver best-possible results to companies seeking to increase their market share or to establish themselves in the MENA region and beyond.

Key Company Facts

  • Founded: Chatila Publishing House (CPH) in 1977 by Hydrogeologist Fathi Chatila and his wife Mona.
  • Founded: CPH World Media s.a.r.l. in 2008 by Architect Mohamad Rabih Chatila.
  • Headquarters: Hamra, Beirut – Lebanon.
  • Countries where our media are delivered: 21 in MENA region

Media Categories