Letter from the President & Publisher

Welcome to CPH corporate website!

In 1976, I was working as a hydro-geologist with the Ministry of Hydraulics and Electric Affairs in Lebanon. I was approached by a water well drilling contractor who was in need of some 2000 meters of steel water well casings to be used in a project he was offered in Darna region in Libya. In case he failed to supply these casings, he would have lost the project in addition to a money deposit he had made. This contractor was lucky because I had a friend in Cyprus who was engaged in supplying water contractors with various supplies and who had available the necessary casings. I used to receive once a month, for free on an unsolicited basis, a magazine whose title is “World Trade” (Alam el Tijara in Arabic) published by an American firm called Johnston Publishing. It was the most important business magazine used by international manufacturers whose products range from airplanes to zippers to reach decision makers in the MENA region. I used to classify advertisers in each issue according to their business activities since I needed to contact those of relevance to my business domain. After one year period, I was surprised to know that over 20 percent of World Trade advertisers were manufacturers of products and equipment used in the water industry.

The incident with the Libyan contractor and the fact that a high percentage of advertisers in World Trade were manufacturers of water products & equipment made me wonder why there is no specialized business magazine covering the water industry in the MENA region. I believed such a magazine would enable all international manufacturers, in addition to regional contractors, importers and distributors involved in the water industry, to reach their target. My late wife, Mona Chatila, wholeheartedly encouraged me to publish such a magazine and remained actively involved in CPH until she passed away in 2006.

Before I took final decision whether to publish such a magazine or not, I sought the recommendations of two leading decision makers in Saudi Arabia. I visited Engineer Abdullah Al Ghoulaikah, the Director General of the Ministry of Water & Agriculture in Riyadh, who told me that if I publish a specialized water magazine I will be doing a great service to the MENA region. The other decision maker I visited in Jeddah was Engineer Issam Jamjoum, Head of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, who was so impressed by the idea that he immediately gave instructions to subscribe to 100 copies of the magazine on a paid basis! This convinced of the validity and strength of my idea and in January 1977 the first issue of waterHQ (previously Arab Water World (AWW)) magazine was published. The success I had after printing the first issue of waterHQ was fantastic. Leading manufacturers of water equipment and products from all over the world became clients of waterHQ and sent me letters congratulating me for launching the magazine; indeed, some of them until now remain loyal clients.


waterHQ was the seed which led to establishing Chatila Publishing House (CPH) in 1981 and which in its turn led to establishing CPH World Media in 2008 with my son, Mohamad Rabih Chatila, acting as general manager. We at CPH remain true to our primary objective and mission which initially motivated me to start publishing waterHQ magazine, which is to provide specialized industry platform which includes latest updates and developments related to industry products, services & technologies as well as companies in order to empower both ends of the spectrum from the manufacturer to the buyer and all parties in between. We aspire to do so via publishing various media types in multiple formats to provide a 360⁰ service to clients & readers helping them fulfill their objectives whether to increase their market-share, to gain actionable industry insights or to have in-depth knowledge about latest industry happenings and developments.

I hope you enjoy browsing this website to gain more info about CPH and its media channels, and welcome receiving your questions or remarks via email.

Fathi Chatila
The President