1977 – The beginning: Arab Water World (AWW)

Amidst the worst episodes of Lebanese civil strife in 1977, and from the heart of Beirut City, Arab Water World (AWW) magazine set sail for the Middle East and North Africa region on its maiden voyage cradled by a newly established Chatila Publishing House (CPH).

The bold gamble of a hydro-geologist, Mr. Fathi Chatila, and his wife the late Mrs. Mona was greeted with tremendous success. The magazine quenched the thirst of experts and anybody immediately interested in water purification, wastewater, irrigation, desalination, and/or energy. Today, four decades later, AWW is published on a monthly basis and still reaches the desktops of water-related specialists and professionals.

1981: Middle East & World Water Directory (MEWWD): Voyages Virgin Seas

Four years following the successful launch of Arab Water World (AWW) magazine and with the heightened demand from various companies and individuals for detailed information on companies that are specialized in the water industry, CPH published the first edition of the Middle East & World Water Directory (MEWWD). The business world in the whole region received this directory with arms wide open.

CPH plans to launch a new edition of this directory as the World Water Index in the first quarter of 2010.

1983: Arab Construction World Magazine (ACW): First Pillar is Erected

As the road was paved for new periodicals addressing the various booming industries in the Middle East and North Africa, the Arab Construction World (ACW) magazine erected its first pillar in 1983.

ACW magazine set forth addressing the Building, Construction Machinery, Road, and Power Generation sectors; it is today recognized as the leading B2B construction-related magazine in the MENA region. ACW magazine is distributed to over 8500 specialized companies in the MENA region ranging from contractors to architectural firms and state ministries to decision-makers in major companies.

1985: Middle East Food Magazine (MEF): Catering to a Hungry Region

The Middle East Food (MEF) magazine first saw the light in 1985. MEF was the first specialized B2B magazine dedicated to the food industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

MEF addresses the Food, Beverage, Ingredients, and Packaging sectors and is today recognized as the leading B2B construction-related magazine in the MENA region. MEF magazine is distributed to over 7150 specialized companies in the MENA region ranging from caterers to restaurants to hotels and other specialized firms working in the food industry.

1986: Arab Health Magazine (AH): A Prescription for Success

In 1986, the first issue of the Arab Health (AH) magazine was published. AH reported on the healthcare industry in the Middle East and North African region covering a variety of news within the Medical, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Nutrition sectors.

1987: Middle East & World Food Directory (MEWFD) makes a sizzling start

The first edition of the MEWFD was published in 1987. This compact manual is packed with essential information and contact details of top companies directly involved in the food industry.

1988: Middle East & World Construction Directory (MEWCD) casts a new stone

The first edition of the MEWCD became public in 1988. It is a comprehensive business directory containing information and contact details of top engaged in the construction industry.

CPH plans to launch a new edition of this directory as the World Construction Index in the first quarter of 2010.

1993: Pulled Plug on Arab Health (AH) magazine

In the midst of a state of unrest reigning over Lebanon in the early nineties due to repercussions of a freshly ending civil war on one hand and the Iraq-Gulf War on the other, CPH was left with no other choice but to suspend the publishing of Arab Health (AH) magazine with the intention of resuming its publishing at the earliest possible time.

1998: Mohamad Rabih Chatila: New Addition to the Team

Mohammad Rabih Chatila, son of Fathi and Mona, joined CPH in 1998 as an Assistant Editor & Researcher on a part-time basis. Meanwhile, he was continuing his studies in the American University of Beirut (AUB) to earn a degree in Architecture.

2002: Mohamad Rabih Chatila: Taking Lead Position

After graduating in 2002 with a degree in Architecture, Mohamad Rabih was appointed General Manager of CPH.

2004: Launch of new CPH Corporate Website

February 2004 was the time when CPH updated its corporate website providing users with plentiful details pertaining to the house such as its products, services and team members in addition to other interesting facts about the company.

2005: New CPH magazines websites launched, magazines frequency upgraded

CPH launches its new individual magazine websites to provide users with direct access to issues online, in addition to various useful information about each magazine.

On the other hand, AWW and ACW magazines went up from 6 issues to 8 issues per year; a measure we had taken in order to contain the increasing number of clients and widen our industry coverage.

2006: AH magazine re-launched, another frequency upgrade, and tragic loss

After the unfortunate suspension of AH’s publication in 1993, AH magazine was re-launched in mid-2006 with the new name of Arab Health World (AHW). On the other hand, AWW went up from 8 issues to 9 issues per year, and ACW from 8 issues to 12 issues per year.

Despite the relatively good year the House had been experiencing, things started to get bad by the end of the year when Mrs. Mona Chatila fell ill and struggled for months with lung disease until she passed away on December 6th 2006.

2007: AWW and MEF: Upping the Ante

The continuous growth in the Water & Food industries necessitated an increase in the publishing frequency of the AWW & MEF magazines; even more so now that more and more companies were putting their trust in these magazines’ high-quality services and wide coverage. AWW magazine went from 9 to 12 issues per year, whereas MEF went from 6 up to 9 issues.

2008: CPH World Media s.a.r.l.: Rise of a New Dawn

2008 was a milestone in the history of the company, when Architect Mohamad Rabih founded CPH World Media s.a.r.l., as a continuation and development of Chatila Publishing House (CPH), in an attempt to offer a wider range of media with a wider geographical coverage from the MENA region. CPH World Media s.a.r.l. remains true to Chatila Publishing House (CPH)’s philosophy and objectives.

This year also saw MEF magazine increase its publishing frequency from 9 to 12 issues per year.

2009: AHW Identity Update

Starting January 1st 2009, the magazine underwent an identity update in order to reflect its actual geographic coverage and improve its identity. The new name, MENA Health World (MHW), went into effect with the January-February 2009 issue. 

2018: Announcing Rebranding

With more than four decades of experience in providing innovative media products and serving its sustainable vision “Helping Advance MENA & Beyond!”, CPH World Media is constantly evolving to keep its rank as an industry icon in media at the regional and international levels alike. 2018 will mark a major leap forward in the company’s milestone achievements. Our print & digital media products Arab Water World (AWW), Arab Construction World (ACW), Middle East Food (MEF), and MENA Health World (MHW) are aligned now under one brand (HQ): Water HQ, Construction HQ, Food HQ and Health HQ, covering all business and industrial news, analysis and trends.